Tri-State Window & Siding Co. Inc. is proud to serve the New Hampshire community as a high-quality home improvement contractor.

Tri-State has been in the home improvement business for over 35 years. Same name, same market, same people and the same great quality and service. We think that says a lot about our company.

We believe in providing quality products and services to our customers, many of whom have returned for project after project over the years. We do not offer Cash Back, we have no Special Coupons for $$$ off your project. There is no High Pressure, No buy today or miss the opportunity to save tactics….No Gimmicks! We leave this unbecoming behavior to others in our industry. This just is not the way we do business. We do however want your business and more importantly want you to be happy with the sales, project planning and construction processes from beginning to end when working with us.

Getting a Project with Us

Getting a project started with us is simple. Give us a call, we’ll set an appointment at a time that works for you. A member of our team will visit your home to discuss your project with you. We provide a written estimate for the work to be performed and answer any questions that you may have. After your questions are answered, we leave you alone to consider your options and make your decision in peace. No Pressure!

Entering into a contract with us is straight forward… We give you everything in writing. We detail what is to be done and what materials will be used. We do not ask for large deposits at the time we get together and sign the contract or even before work begins. We don’t understand why you should have to give a contractor 50% or more of the contracted price as a down payment. Some other companies try to explain this as necessary to cover material costs or secure a slot on the schedule before he/she will begin work on your home. We feel this way, we are asking you to trust us with your home and it only seems right that we trust you to pay us when the work has been done. We are an established company, our credit is good with our vendors, therefore we do not have to pay for any materials needed for your project for 30 days after we purchase them so why should you have to pay up front? We want you to be satisfied and feel comfortable before you are asked to pay.

Construction processes are completed with as much involvement from you as you desire. You are far more likely to be satisfied with your completed project and your investment in it if you are involved in as many decisions as possible along the way. We want you to call, communicate and meet with us to tell us what you want and need along the way. If you would rather just leave it up to us, we will make the decisions for you and keep you informed along the way.

We are not looking to get rich from completing your project. We are looking to ultimately achieve all the monetary success we are seeking from completing projects for thousands of customers. The thousands of customers who you as well as all of our other customers refer us to because they are satisfied with the project we completed for them in the past. Referrals are what drives and grows our business. It is just that simple.

Our Qualifications

Below is a list of some of the certifications and manufacturer endorsements Tri-State Window and Siding has secured to ensure you of the Highest Quality Workmanship when dealing with us. We’ve compiled links to the sources and agencies below to provide you with more information about each certification or endorsement.